"Dick In My Hand" Guy Outside Paradis

"Dick In My Hand" Guy Outside Paradise

This guy was standing outside Paradise singing a song I couldn’t help but laugh at.  The lyric was, “I spend monday, with my dick in my hand/tuesday, with my dick in my hand/wednesday, with my dick in my hand…”  I’m sure you can guess the rest.  Keep Austin Weird Right?!




Festival Director Kelly Shows Off Irish Pride

Event Coordinator Kelly Shows Off Irish Pride

St. Patty’s Day is always a blast, and it was even better this year because we got to celebrate RedGorilla at the same time!  


img_3393Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, hosted a pillow fight on 6th Street Wednesday.  No pedestrians were harmed.


Feathers flew and pillow fighters took out their anger and aggression in a safe and fun way.


One of our many RedGorilla artists rocking out at Darwin’s Pub.


Assistant Event Coordinator and head of Artist Relations, Mare, and Market Researcher, Whitney show some love to Vitamin Water for their generous donation to the festival.  Especially during all those hot days, we really appreciated it and all our bands did too!


The Effects school Austin in rock ‘n roll during the RedGorilla Post Party Sunday night.


Jessica Campbell’s set at Thirsty Nickel was amazing!

Now were down at Paradise soaking up some heartfelt tunes by the talented Brent Shuttleworth. This guy is also playin again tonight at 6 pm but if u get a chance come down and hear his set now! His voice is so unique and these tunes are really catchy. If you’re in the mood for some addictive pop/rock make sure you check him out during this years festival!


Brave Citizens At Nina's

Brave Citizens At Nina's

Hopefully you caught the Brave Citizens show at Nina’s today.  This is a band that knows what they’re doing.  Where most bands fail to translate their recorded sound into a live show, Brave Citizens have a top-notch recording (Revoultion), and pull out all the stops for their live performances. 


Brave Citizens Rock RedGorilla

Brave Citizens Rock RedGorilla



This foursome from Los Angeles is full of killer beats, heavy guitars, and live vocals that make you wonder if lip-synching has infiltrated the rock scene (a.k.a they’re spot on).  With a front man who resembles the perfect mix of John Stamos and Kumar—from the Harold & Kumar movie series—a lead guitarist who doubles as a keyboard player, and a killer drummer, Brave Citizens brought down the house Wednesday.  “Impressive” is hardly the word to describe the band’s 40-minute set, which they filled out with tunes from their latest release Revolution.  The one and only thing I would have liked to see them do differently, is announce each song they played so everyone knows what they’re diggin’ on.  Otherwise, the Brave Citizens show at Nina’s has been one of the best shows I’ve seen at the festival so far. 

If you missed Brave Citizens Wednesday PLEASE check out their tunes on MySpace.  You will not be disappointed!


It’s March people. The third month of this glorious year is finally upon us, and it can mean only one thing—RedGorilla Music Festival is just around the corner! This year’s festival is sure to please with bands like Liam & Me, AutoVaughn, Odis, JES, Fools & Horses, Oh No, Not Stereo, By All Means Necessary, Dremnt the End, Danger is My Middle Name, The Hollywood Kills, USS, Divide the Day and many more top secret guests we can’t announce just yet.

For those of you who are new to the RedGorilla experience, the first show of each day will begin around noon, at each of our designated RedGorilla venues along 6th St. and doesn’t stop until the last sweet riff echoes off into the night—or should I say morning—air. Each day is jam packed with bands from all over the country playing their hearts out for nothing more than their love of music.


Because RedGorilla is dedicated to promoting music of all genres, via various forms of promotion, the possibilities are endless at this year’s festival. Everything from pop, to indie rock, to reggae and hip/hop can be heard at RedGorilla showcases up and down 6th St.. Company day parties, RedGorilla sponsored events, and individual label showcases are all part of the RedGorilla experience, bringing together fans, bands, and industry professionals for the sole purpose of celebrating independent music in America.

As part of this year’s festival, RedGorilla will be keeping everyone posted on the days’ events with daily blogs on both http://www.redgorillamusic.wordpress.com and http://www.miscpause.wordpress.com. Make sure to check in with us each day to get the latest news and information surrounding the festival. We’ll be announcing special guests, backstage secrets and more, so check back often because you never know what we’ll be talking about.

As always, the best part of the entire week is that all venues at RedGorilla Music Fest are free of a cover charge, and no tickets, wristbands, or badges are required to see any RedGorilla showcase! So, make sure to wear your walking shoes, leave those wallets at home, and join us down on 6th St. for the sickest free music fest ever to hit Austin, TX. See you on 6th Street music lovers!

For the full schedule of 400+ artists, please visit http://www.redgorillamusic.com/schedule.html

RedGorilla Music Festival is in no way associated with South By Southwest or SXSW Inc.

That’s right, folks. Kansas City’s funky pop rockers Pomeroy have scooped up the most votes from the Road to RedGorilla online contest sponsored by Flyfi.com. Road to RedGorilla’s first stop in ’08 was at Jerry’s Bait Shop in Kansas City where Pomeroy, Making Movies, and Your Electric Grand Mother showcased to represent RedGorilla Music Fest official artists for 2009. Following the show, each artist was uploaded into the Flyfi.com Voting Player and votes continued for 2 weeks following their showcase. The contest included other Road to RedGorilla artists in cities such as Dallas, St. Louis, Orlando, and Athens, GA.

Congratulations Pomeroy! Can’t wait to hear your track on the official RedGorilla Music Fest compilation cd, Outside the Box vol.3


If you an artist interested in participating in the 2009 RedGorilla Music Fest compilation cd, please email Mare Camuso, mare{at}redgorillamusic.com.


Airline takes Club Dada vote!

Airline takes Club Dada vote! Photo © Trey Kazee

Congratulations to Dallas-based indie rockers Airline as they took the venue vote last Saturday.  The Road to RedGorilla showcase happened in Deep Ellum’s 20-year music venue staple, Club Dada.  With the help of John Solis and Method Entertainment, the night was a rockin’ success.  Sunward, Hendrick, and Airline all represented RedGorilla as they have already been chosen for the 2009 festival.  With uniquely different sounds, the votes were extremely close all the way up to the closing of the voting booth.  

Airline’s music has been described as “indie rock that avoids pretension or complication with tunes clean, catchy and compelling.”  The Dallas Observer describes Airline’s debut release Farewell Republica as “detailed, dramatic and not a little dense, this is local music of rare insight, by a band demanding a following.” After witnessing Airline’s live performance on Saturday night, it is apparent the guys have the ability to bring their recorded material to the stage.  If you simply can’t wait until RedGorilla Music Fest in March to check Airline out visit their myspace page for music at http://www.myspace.com/airlinemusic

Online votes for the Dallas artists will run until December 30.  Vote for your favorite artist at http://contest.flyfi.com/redgorilla08/vote/ and click on Dallas to vote.


NOTeNEF Promotions presents King Thief, One Lone Car, & Dear Future

NOTeNEF Promotions presents King Thief, One Lone Car, & Dear Future

Details on artists coming soon….