Selena Garcia Performing At Paradise



Paradise hosted sultry songstress Selena Garcia this afternoon at 4:00 pm.  It’s a shame there weren’t more people packed into the venue because this girl is amazing!  As pop princesses go she may be the most down to earth, real girl—she even shared a story about how she got in a bar fight (it wasn’t her doing) the night before.  This girl has one of the most original, radio ready voices I’ve heard in a long time.  She favors Sara Bareilles, with an Amy Winehouse flare that really hooks you in and keeps you wanting more.  Her tunes are sweet, but not too sugary and she seems completely organic and comfortable on stage.  This must be the day for female singer/songwriters (see our Jessica Campbell post from earlier) because Selena kept things going even when the bar was empty.  About three songs in, people started to flow into the venue, inquiring about her set and watching intently.  Highlights of her set include the performance of “Don’t Worry It’s Not Love,” the title track off her new EP, which just hit streets in December.  It reminds me of Sara Bareilles’ “Come Round Soon” with heavy moody keys and a bass line that will have you tapping your toes right away.  She finished her set with an song titled “Highway,” laced with bluesy inflections and driven by delicate keys.
There’s absolutely nothing negative I can say about Selena.  Her voice is magnificent, and her set brought a much-needed energy to Paradise.  If you missed Selena’s set Thursday check out her MySpace for a preview of tunes, a full list of upcoming shows and complete contact information.