Hello everyone! I hope you’re all ready for next week’s festivities. Don’t forget we’ll be having a St. Patty’s Day/RedGorilla pre-party Tuesday night starting at 9:00 pm. We’ve got Diasporic, Neckbone, and DJ Panda in the house and there’s no cover! So don’t miss it!

Alright so we’ve already posted Wednesday and Thursday’s highlights so now its time for Friday’s. This year’s festival is full of amazing bands, and these are just a few so make sure to check out the full schedule at RedGorillaMusic.com. Enjoy!

Here are Friday’s highlights:

2:00 pm @ Nuno’s Upstairs. Dirtfoot is a grungy punk band from Shreveport, Louisiana and they’re come to RedGorilla to rock! With psychedelic bluegrass influences, and an obvious punk-rock flare, Dirtfoot will take you on a journey to the Cajun swampland. They may be rough and tumbled, but they definitely know how to bring down the house. For a completely unique listening experience, do not miss Dirtfoot Friday afternoon at Nuno’s Upstairs.

4:00 pm @ Dizzy Rooster. Check out the clever beats and solid rhymes of P.D.A, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s own spitfire hip/hop king. This guy can rap, sing, and play, and his live shows are incredibly entertaining. If you like Flobots, Gym Class Heros, or Common you’ll love P.D.A!

4:00 pm @ Paradise. Jonathan Stark’s brand of acoustic pop/rock mixes Dashboard Confessional-like melodies with Death Cab-style embellishments and delicate instrumentals. It’s mellow, and full of emotion, and it’s so fun to listen to. On his new EP, England, Jonathan takes the listener sailing through time, and then tells them all his deepest secrets with the help of some killer tunes. Check out Jonathan’s heartfelt acoustic pop at Paradise Upstairs Friday.

4:00 pm @ The Chuggin’ Monkey. Parallax is going to be a rockin’ a seriously funky groove Friday afternoon. Their groovy hip/hop, jam-band style makes for the perfect drinking music. So grab a few brews and head on down to The Chuggin’ Monkey for some heavy beats and slick lyrics courtesy of Parallax.

6:30 pm @ Darwin’s Pub. Bella Koshka will take you on a journey through time with their dark, sensual pop/rock. Their songs weave intricate stories around common threads like time travel, and being lost in the present. Bella Koshka’s eclectic sound even features a violinist who as instrumental in the formation of the group. Check out Bella Koshka at RedGorilla this Friday!

8:30 pm @ Darwin’s Pub. The Literary Greats describe their sound as country/rock/indie, but this trio from Houston, Texas is the spitting musical image of early Tom Petty or Neil Young. They’ve got a carefree attitude and knack for clever melodies; so don’t miss The Literary Greats at this year’s RedGorilla Music Fest.

9:00 pm @ Blind Pig. Joe Brooks is one of those rare artists that you find on the bottom of the stack of CD’s and ask yourself, “Where has this guy been all my life!?” His music is mellow, acoustically drive, but full of passion and determination. His melodies are sweet and sassy, much like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson but his voice takes his simple songs to a completely different level. This guy has everything it takes to soar straight to the top, and it’s only a matter of time before he does just that. Don’t miss Joe’s set at The Blind Pig!

9:00 pm @ Nuno’s Upstairs. Divide The Day is a heavy rock band from Colton, California. Whiskey, sex, and trouble are common themes among Divide The Day’s music, and you can catch them live at RedGorilla on Friday at Nuno’s upstairs. If you like Buckcherry, Hinder, or Seether you’ll love Divide The Day.

10:00 pm @ The Blind Pig. Ambrose is pure rock ‘n roll with a Hollywood twist. Soaring vocals, heavy guitars, and intricate solos echo the likes of Led Zepplin, Guns N Roses, and Ziggy Stardust. If you’ve been asking yourself, “What happened to rock ‘n roll?” Look no farther than Ambrose. It’s all happening down at The Blind Pig Friday night!

10:00 pm @ Touche. Come shake your ass to some original tunes by Nashville’s own HeyPenny. Their energetic indie-rock will have you dancing all over the room after just one chorus. HeyPenny is hilariously funny, clever, and catchy. They know how to rock and they’re ready to teach the rest of the world. Don’t’ miss HeyPenny’s set Friday night!

11:00 pm @ Dizzy Rooster. Shirock’s infectous brand of positive pop comes to RedGorilla via Nashville, Tennesee. As a young band Shirock’s goal is to be a catalyst for change, and they’re well on their way. Shirock is fun, catchy, and optimistic. If you love U2, Snow Patrol, or The Fray you don’t want to miss Shirock Friday at RedGorilla.

11:00 pm @ Paradise. Saint Motel describes their sounds as, “A pretty ocean of music that will thrill and delight you before slowly dragging you out to your untimely death by its vicious undercurrents.” While we’re not so sure about a vicious death, Saint Motel is sure to thrill and delight you. The music is fun, with a macabre twist and haunting flare. If you love Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, or AutoVaughn don’t miss Saint Motel at RedGorilla.

11:30 pm @ Darwin’s Pub. Fundamental Elements will keep you dancing with their infectious brand of pop/r&b/soul. Front man Russ Mohr’s sultry vocals have been perfectly paired with instruments like the trumpet—which he also plays–and organ, to create the perfect sound for the five-piece. If you like Maroon 5 or Justin Timberlake Fundamental Elements should be at the top of your “must see” list at this year’s RedGorilla.

12:00 pm @ Paradise. Dilana is awesome. This is chick rock that actually rocks! Her strong melodies and unique voice sound like a darker No Doubt with a metal edge. This rocker from South Africa may not be your typical female front-woman, but she’s definitely here to rock, and her set at Paradise Friday is one to watch at this year’s festival.

12:30 am @ Darwin’s Pub. Flatfoot 56 will be shaking thing up a bit with their Celtic-inspired punk rock. The band brings big sing-along choruses, pounding drums, and instruments like the fiddle and bagpipes to the table, complete with powerful lyrics, and singer Tobin’s unique vocals. Flatfoot 56 sounds like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy’s and Social Distortion all wrapped up in one angry little package. This show is bound to be one of the highlights of the festival so if you’re looking for a little punk, do not miss it!


Thanks to all those who came out and rocked the night away for 8 Off 8th! Road to RedGorilla packed Mercy Lounge with a power-house lineup of 8 Nashville bands that will represent the RedGorilla Music Fest this March in Austin. All the bands gave fantastic performances that kept the crowd grooving all night long. If you missed out last night, RedGorilla is giving you a second chance to discover some great new music. Follow the links and maybe even give your i-pod a holiday treat. Here’s the rundown. 

Road to RedGorilla Presents 8 off 8th

Road to RedGorilla Presents 8 off 8th

Taylor Begert

Braden Land


Space Capone

Parachute Musical

Disappointed by Candy



Thanks again to all the bands that represented RedGorilla last night!

Also a reminder that the deadline for submissions to the 2009 RedGorilla Music Fest is approaching fast. December 31st is the last day to turn in submissions. Bands looking to play Austin, Tx this March can find more information at www. redgorillamusic.com.