Mad Dragon Records threw a stellar party today at the Thirsty Nickel!  I walked in just as Hoots & Hellmouths were starting off their bluegrass-infused set; just in time for some awesome tunes. 

The boys started off strong with a rockin’ song that had the entire venue dancing along.  It helped, of course, that the band’s energy was intense.  They wailed on their guitars and actually shredded the banjo for a completely unique listening experience any music fan could appreciate. 

Complete with an upright bass, Hoots, & Hellmouths proved that bluegrass is equally worthy of it’s own sub-genre of rock.  Cheers to Hoots & Hellmouths for keepin’ it real, and rockin’ it out, and special thanks to Mad Dragon Records for hosting the party, and bringing such great music to RedGorilla.