It’s day two of RedGorilla Music Fest, and things are going strong.  After we got everything set up this morning I headed down to the Thirsty Nickel for a little singer/songwriter action courtesy of Jessica Campbell.  It’s not very often you find such a great songwriter with an equally as great voice and stage presence.  This girl knows what she’s doing!  Her voice is sweet, angelic and pure, while at the same time, she shines with a confident strength you can’t help but notice.
Jessica reminds me of a combination of Michelle Branch and Leann Womack—there’s just a slight country twist on her songs—with the best of both worlds vocally and instrumentally.
Standouts during her set included “Stealing the Stars”, a sweet little ditty that should definitely be on country radio.  The melody is still stuck in my head!
She rounded out her short set with “Buy My Love”, a sultry, almost jazzy “all you need is love” song.  Built on remnants of old-school country (think, Reba Mackentire) “Buy Me Love” got everyone’s attention right away, and was an interesting twist on her straightforward set.
Thanks, Jessica for giving us a taste of your sweet, sweet pop.  It’s artists like this that make Redgorilla what it is.