Thursday’s Highlights Thursday is just as jam-packed with amazing artists, and we’ve hand picked a few we think you should make time to see. So check out the list below and come back often to find out who our special guests are. We’ll also be doing spotlights on official RedGorilla showcasing artists, and reviewing a few records from some of our artists. There’s much more to come so don’t go anywhere! Here are Thursday’s highlights:

12:00 pm Special Guest **

12:30 pm ∆ Brenn will start the day off right at Darwin’s Pub with their fresh Switchfoot-esque sound, complete with heavy beats and full guitars. Brenn is definitely one to watch at this year’s festival.

12:30 pm Jessica Campbell is a breath of fresh air in country music today. She’s young, she’s relevant, and she’s talented. Over the years Jessica has honed her craft, putting a shiny pop twist on her naturally country tunes and today she’s ready to share them with you. Don’t miss Jessica’s set Thursday night at Thirsty Nickel.

3:00 pm Singer/songwriter Fox Fagan comes to RedGorilla via the Australian music hub that is Melbourne. He’s a lyrical poet with a whirly, genuine turn of phrase that’s unmistakable in today’s lackluster music. Don’t miss Fox Fagan at Nuno’s Downstairs Thursday night.

3:00 pm Rachel Sage is a unique singer/songwriter from New York, NY. Her quirky personality shines through her voice, and her infectious melodies are the driving force behind her music. If you’re looking for a little jem of a songwriter, don’t miss this pop/rock powerhouse at Nuno’s Upstairs.

3:30 pm Come here some Language Room’s version of indie/alternative rock at Darwin’s Pub. You won’t be disappointed. Language Room’s music is mellow, and is almost liquefying to the listener. You’re immediately sucked into Language Room’s sound, and their infectious beats keep you hooked. Come out to Darwin’s Pub Thursday night for Language Room!

4:00 pm Special Guest at Dizzy Rooster**

4:00 pm Selena Garcia is a powerhouse in today’s up-and-coming pop scene. Her powerful vocals and sassy persona are a perfect fit for her sultry pop/rock tunes. Selena has everything it takes to be a superstar, and she is already well on her way to becoming one. Don’t miss Selena’s set at Paradise Upstairs

4:30 pm American Fangs will be playing at Darwin’s Pub at 4:30 pm. American Fangs sound like a cross between Bad Religion and The White Stripes. This band from Houston, TX is ready to rock Austin with their heavy guitars and punk-rock edge. Let American Fangs sink into your eardrums Thursday night.

5:00 pm ∆ Come see Breaking Laces at The Chuggin’ Monkey! Breaking Laces combines old-school influences with original inspiration to produce their own version of acoustic pop/rock with an indie twist. Breaking Laces hails from Brooklyn, NY but is bringing their grassroots pop to Austin Thursday night so don’t miss it!

5:00 pm XOXO loves to rock. And that’s exactly what they’ll be doing at Nuno’s Upstairs on Thursday night. They’ve got a fun, funky set planned for RedGorilla this year, complete with Beatles-inspired harmonies, groovy guitars and a pure indie spirit. Don’t miss their set!

6:00 pm Special Guest at Paradise **

6:00 pm Loudlove is pure rock, reggae, and funk all wrapped up into one giant burrito. Hot off the press and ready to eat! They formed out of a love for music—and each other—and their in-your-face lyrics coupled with a punk-tastic drum line makes for some great music. Don’t miss LoudLove at Nuno’s Upstairs!

6:00 pm Rachel Sierra is a spunky 40’s pin-up version of Christina Aguilera with a distinct Tori Amos flare. She’s fun to watch and has the pipes to back it up. Don’t miss Rachel’s personality-packed set Thursday, 6:00 pm at The Chuggin’ Monkey.

7:00 pm The soothing vocals styling of Matthew Perryman Jones are not to be missed at this year’s festival. His highly emotional brand of pop/indie-rock is the kind that touches the heart of a person, and stays with you long after you first hear it. Check out MPJ’s set at Paradise Thursday night.

7:30 pm Jonathan Clay will sink his bluesy little hooks in you from the first lick of his guitar, with the first sweet notes that slip from his lips. This handsomely talented singer/songwriter will play Thirsty Nickel at 7:30 pm. For a preview of his music go to to download his new album FOR FREE!

8:30 pm If you’re in the mood for some up-beat indie rock head over to Darwin’s Pub for The Invincible Kids at 8:30 pm. This is the kind of rock that makes you want to dance, so wear some comfortable shoes and get ready to shake your booty to the beat of The Invincible Kids.

9:00 pm Come out to The Chuggin’ Monkey to see The Blend Thursday night. The Blend was founded by poet/coffeehouse favorite Toussaint Morrison out of Minneapolis, MN. The five-piece is an eclectic blend of jazz, rock, blues, with heavy instrumentals and a funky hip-hop flare. The Blend is definitely one to watch at this year’s festival.

9:00 pm ∆ Mother/Father will grace the RedGorilla stage at Nuno’s Upstairs Thursday night. Their progressive sound has been described as the musical love child of U2, Depeche Mode, and The Smashing Pumpkins. This year, the young band from Nashville, Tenn., is bringing their unique sound to RedGorilla just for you. If you love heavy vocals and deep drums, don’t miss Mother/Father!

9:30 pm If you’re looking for a rock band with a darker edge, look no further than Afterglow Radio at Darwin’s Pub. This hardcore foursome from Orlando, Fla., has been described as an “intense fusion of modern rock, reggae, Latin, and classic rock.” They’re original and fresh and they’re playing Darwin’s Pub Thursday night!

10:00 pm Special Guest at The Vintage Lounge**

10:00 pm Don’t miss Dizzy Balloon at Paradise Thursday night. Their energetic rock is more fun than you’ve had in a long time so do not miss it. Dizzy Balloon’s new self-titled album is available on iTunes now!

10:00 pm Cavashawn will play at Nuno’s Upstairs at 10:00 pm. This little band from Chicago has been climbing their way to the top of their local indie scene since early 2008 and has finally made the trek to Austin for this year’s festival. Their live show is jam-packed full of energy and will have you singing along after the very first song. Don’t miss Cavashawn at Nuno’s Upstairs!

10:30 pm Country crooner Ricky Young will be at Darwin’s Pub Thursday night. His soulful songs are easy on the ears, and his smooth on-stage persona makes for a pleasant listening experience.

11:00 pm Special Guest at The Vintage Lounge**

11:30 pm ∆ Porcelain will be at Darwin’s Pub Thursday night. They’ve been described as emotional, melodic, dynamic, and powerful, and this five-some from Los Angeles is ready to rock RedGorilla. Don’t miss their set at 11:30.

11:30 pm Special Guest at Thirsty Nickel**

12:00 am ∆ You can catch The Effects at The Chuggin’ Monkey Thursday night. Joel and Jeff will be taking the stage at 12 am, bringing rock n’ roll back to Austin, TX. If you’re ready for some hardcore classically inspired rock n’ roll, don’t miss this show.

12:30 am ∆ Pictures of Then will round out the night at Darwin’s Pub with their eclectic indie-rock. Pictures Of Then hasn’t been around for long but they’re already been featured on MTV’s The Real World and The Hills. They’re fun, optimistic, and straightforward—the perfect combination of yesterday’s influences and tomorrow superstars.

** We can’t announce these Special Guests just yet, but check back with us the day of show and I promise you won’t be disappointed. They’re secret because they’re just that awesome! ∆ This artist is performing more than once throughout the festival. For the full schedule visit RedGorillaMusic or